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We understand that our Human Resources and Operations partners have business as usual to tend to and don’t often have abundant resources nor time to quickly source the executive talent their organization demands. Vince Wainwright and Scale Executive Search embrace partnerships built on responsiveness, trust, and transparency to successfully and confidentially source qualified and diverse passive candidates serving in similar industry executive roles as well as those available and seeking employment.

Vince Wainwright

Vince Wainright, Founder and CEO, is a US Navy Veteran and Systems Engineer and Analyst that shifted to recruitment in 2011. After making many connections through his life journey, Vince realized his passion to help great companies find the very best people and help great people find the very best careers.

“I hire people brighter than me
and then I get out of their way.”

Lee Iacocca

Vince and his team don’t stop until the ink is dry on the hiring contract to provide excellent executive
talent matching services. Scale Executive Search enjoys the process of partnering with HR and Operations leaders as well as individuals looking for a more challenging, balanced, and meaningful professional path. Vince has been dubbed “the recruitment whisperer” and has a reputation for quickly collaborating and understanding HR team needs as he builds trust with a celebrated history of over-delivering.

Great people are made up of more than just their LinkedIn profiles and resumes. Vince and his team take the time to thoroughly review candidates both from an emotional IQ perspective in addition to a skill set checklist. Scale Executive Search works within each unique company’s desired guidelines to find a great match. Additionally, Vince’s passion for fitness and nutrition attract him to organizations and candidates alike who value wellness and believe the commitment to one’s own health and well-being carry over into a solid and lasting commitment to exceptional work.


Scale Executive Search is ready to ease the pressures of filling your executive team roles with urgency.